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A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Our Rebranding- Hamptons Home

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We hope you like when we try to have good marketing materials and photography to capture the beauty of our homewares, especially for our rebranding from Junie Living to Hamptons Home. But behind all the effortless imagery and styling that we strive to convey, there’s a lot of hard work involved, especially for our photographers and designers.

The whole process starts about 3-4 months prior to the relaunch. First up, brainstorming a concept for the rebranding and the new collection for the new website, trawling the internet for design inspiration, attending trade shows, sourcing new products and suppliers,  getting quotes, finalizing designs and ordering products.

We wanted a fresh, easy-on-the-eye look for Hamptons Home, a step away from the floral glam concept we had for Junie Living. We wanted Hamptons Home to convey the influence of the renowned seaside vacation destination of the Hamptons, but beyond that, we also want to include the sensibilities of Australian coastal living.

With that in mind, we engaged our original branding designer, Judit Besze to work her magic. She tirelessly went back and forth more than 10 design concepts, colour and font changes to create exactly what we envisioned.

Hamptons Home Rebranding Judit Besze

Picture above: A snapshot of our final rebranding design by Judit Besze, whom first designed our original Junie Living branding materials.

Throughout this time, new products arrived one by one from different suppliers, and many hours were spent quality checking, labelling them and loading them to the storage area.

You’ve already seen most of our photos on our website, but now, we also like to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how we create the photoshoots for the new website.

The real fun begins 2 weeks before the styled photoshoot. We labelled all our new homewares, packed them carefully into boxes and shipped them for the first round of the product photo shoot.

hamptons home behind the scenes rebranding

hamptons home behind the scenes rebranding.hamptons home behind the scenes rebranding

In the photos above, Sara from Angelandevil Photography carefully unwraps cushions and homewares to get the products ready for the photoshoot, and edit the photos one by one to make sure every detail is crystal clear and of high resolution.

After that is done, the next step will be for a full day lifestyle photoshoot by Tanika from Tanika Blair Designs. She, along with her assistant from sun-up are unpacking and hauling heavy furniture props, making flower arrangements, unpacking cushions and homewares.

She then created various product set ups, only starting to take photos when they are tweaked until perfection. When it comes to photographing lifestyle shoots, natural light is often the best but the most unpredictable photography tool one can get. Tanika shares that she has to work extremely fast on our day of our photoshoot so she won’t miss an opportune shot.

hamptons home christmas candles mumlittleloves cote noire

Above is the final product from our Summer Christmas’s photo shoot. It landed on blogger Hayley from Mumlittleloves’s favourite Christmas scents for 2016.

Despite all the work, every step of the process is worth remembering because there’s always great stories. We like to think it’s a little like Christmas mornings, because these photo shoots are usually the first time that our new products are revealed to you.

No matter the setting, we are very fortunate to have access to talented people globally and right here in Queensland.

The photos above exemplifies how we create our collections for the summer season.The cushions and décor items on the top are from our Summer Vibes collection, and the nautical chic style complements Aussie summer living.

By contrast, the Tropical Luxe collection features a tropic holiday inspired design that draws influence from endless summer entertaining.

We also included a Summer Christmas shoot, our first Xmas collection, inspired by the Aussie summer and coastal living.

Behind the camera of every great photo, we are much aware and appreciative that there are a couple of people who are toiling their guts out. At the end of the day, the sweat and sore arms are indicative of our passion and dedication.

Ultimately, we want to tell you that it’s more than just a graphic design or a photoshoot, we try our best to tell you a story of Hamptons-chic living, right here in Australia.

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