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Welcome to the very first blog post from Hamptons Home. If you don’t already know, we just rebranded from Junie Living and we are based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Here’s a little background about Hamptons Home.

Truth be said, we have never meant to open an online store. In 2013, after we built our very first home, we begun to look for home decorating pieces for our new home.  Our initial direction was Hollywood Regency but we quickly realised this style would never work for us, no matter in terms of functionality or budget. We looked up magazines and Pinterest to find something that and at last, we came across a magazine spread featuring the relaxed coastal vibe with the sensibility of classical design that we learned to know was called Hamptons style.

Drawn from the colours of nature, Hamptons style features mostly neutrals, soft timber tones and various blue hues. And one of the things we noticed that featured again and again in such homes are blue and white ginger jars. This led us to our quest to fill our house up with as many ginger jars as we could and we ended up talking to several suppliers, both local and international.

We made our first purchase in 2014 and we could see our vision of a Hamptons inspired home coming together, albeit slowly. However, as much as we are amped up to refurnish our home with beautiful things, budgetary constraints were not always pleasant to deal with. A lightbulb moment or more likely a rash decision prompted us to head out the next day and buy 20 pieces of ginger jars and listing them on eBay to raise some much needed budget to complete furnishing the rest of our home.

Little did we know, the response was overwhelming and they were sold out in less than two weeks. A few months later in 2014, encouraged by the postive response, we decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge to share our passion of affordable Hamptons inspired decor. This was also the beginning of many late nights to research and plan the business. We would never forget the day our first container shipment of ginger jars arrived, we opened each box with bated breath, hoping they were not smashed into pieces. But thankfully, only a handful were broken, and at last Junie Living was born.

Starting from a collection of just 5 ginger jar designs, a few months later, we added agate coasters and gold plated magnifying glasses to the mix, and while the collection was tiny, they were the perfect complement to the type of quality homewares we love to offer.

Over the next two years, we were fortunate enough to gain a small following on Instagram. That provided the opportunity for us to branch out further in other home and lifestyle products such as home accents, wall art, literature, and bodycare products.

In late 2016, ahead of our third year business, we made a bold but necessary decision to rebrand to Hamptons Home Lifestyle & Homewares, to better showcase our style and the types of products we are offering.

So, here’s a little background about Hamptons Home. We are hoping you are liking our new look, but the new brand is not just a cosmetic overhaul, but more of a reflection of our next chapter. Three things that will not be going away anytime soon are our passion for classic shoreline-inspired home accents, unpremium prices and great customer service.

Do take a moment to explore our new website, perhaps bookmark us, and be sure to check back regularly to know about our latest arrivals and sales.

If you have any questions about our new website or, indeed, any other matter then please get in touch via About Us section or email – Or follow us on @hamptonshomeau on Instagram and use the hashtag #hamptonshomeau

October 13, 2016 — Junie Lin



Kim said:

Love reading this and how it all cameabout ? (Im an IG follower), totally wouldlove to do what your doing im addicted to ginger jars just dont own any yet?. Love the blog keep posting ??

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