Get Your Home Guest-Ready in 5 Easy Steps This Christmas

Christmas is a time for enjoying your family, and friends. Some may just live around the corner, but some might travel from interstate or overseas. To make them feel extra welcome, we have come up with a few ideas to help you be the best host ever this festive season.

1. Deck the Halls

If your friends and family are from overseas, how about surprising them a Aussie Summer Christmas in your home? Touches of jute, burnished wood and the traditional red anchors them right in the summer heat, all without losing the Christmas charm. Even your loved ones who stay right across the street might also be pleasantly surprised something different from the usual traditional decorations.

Hamptons Home Christmas Jute Red and White Bell Hanger Home Decor


Hamptons Home Christmas Burnished Wood Candle Holder Set of 3

2. Offer Bath Essentials

This will be one of the most used spots in your home while you have guests. A little goes a long way to make this space more useful. While some guests might pack a truck to stay over, some may choose to just travel light. Prepare extra towels, toothbrushes and bath products for them. If you don’t have any guests staying over, placing some scented handwash and soaps in the powder room guarantee that your guests will appreciate the fact that they will be shaking hands that are fresh and clean.

Hamptons Home Beach Rd Naturals Organic Soap

Hamptons Home Maine Beach Lord Howe Island Organic Body Wash

3. Freshen Up the Guest Rooms

Make your guest bedrooms feel inviting and cozy with clean linens, a vase of flowers and some candles. Some guest may prefer certain scents over others, so it’s best to have a mix at hand. Choose the festive Christmas Day, all-accommodating White Linen, or go bold like the Chocolate Croissant. Also, don’t forget to provide your guests a table lamp they can turn off from the bed. 

Hamptons Home Cote Noire Christmas Day Soy Candle

Hamptons Home Cote Noire White Linen Soy Candle

4. Hosting Your Christmas Lunch

Writing up a grocery shopping list helps to get food set up and ready before guests arrive, a much better option than getting stuck in the kitchen on the day itself.

Ditch the cliché Santa themed paper plates and plastic forks this year and go a little posh when it comes to the all-important meal. Trays are one of the essentials when you are entertaining a large amount of guests, to serve up drinks and food quickly. Add serving ware and pate knifes so guests can access food easily.

Hamptons Home Red Lobster Coastal Enamel Serving Tray
Hamptons Home Tropical Pineapple Plate Ceramic Clam Bowl

If you are serving up seafood, how about going a little posh this year? Try a resin clam bowl to hold up prawns and oysters.Or simply use it as a drink station, to hold champagne and cold drinks.

To create a instant bar cart, use a butler's tray or tall side table, add an ice bucket, some agate coasters, bottle openers and of course your fave drinks. 

Hamptons Home Vintage Resin Faux Clam Shell

5. Spruce Up The Rest of the House

If your house is looking a little plain or tired since the start of the year, then it’s time for a quick update before guests arrive. Add some artwork, play around with a new set of cushions and décor items and flower arrangements.

Hamptons Home Coastal Style Blue and White Ceramic Clam Bowl Home Decor

Hamptons Home Coastal Nautical Lighthouse White Set of 2

Hamptons Home Coastal Artwork Wall Art Nantucket Black and White

Hamptons Home Tropical Coastal Wall Art Palm Tree Coconut

And that’s all done! Now, try to do these things ahead of time, and rope in your rest of your family members to help so you will be more than prepared for an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas time with family, friends and visitors.

What are your tips for prepping your home for Christmas visitors? Share them in the Comments box below.


December 07, 2016 — Junie Lin

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