How to Style Ginger Jars

If one needs to have a collection, blue and white ginger jars are the most practical and versatile pieces to have in a home.  Always a classic combination with a certain genteel appeal, the mix of blue and white has always been a traditional favourite.  Blue and white porcelain and ceramic ginger jars are never outdated and can mix well with almost any colour scheme or decorating style.  Usually best arranged in a group, blue and white ginger jars add a punch of colour and interest to drab corners, bland walls, and boring entryways.

Oriental ginger jars are one of the key looks in Australia’s Hamptons asthetic, a theme largely influenced by that of the Hamptons, Manhattan.  Let’s take a look at how these classic blue and white ceramics can spruce up your home.

TIP #1: Group on a console table, sideboard, or mantel

Arrange three or more blue and white ginger jars of varying shapes and sizes on one side of the table.  Use these as a refreshing pop of colour to a dominantly neutral colour scheme or to prettily balance out a space.     

If you’ve only got one or two ginger jars, mix them with some other plain white or plain blue jar, which will simply complement or give more focus to your pieces. Flowers provide a lovely finish to the entire composition.

You can inject some fun by being more adventurous in your grouping. Dissimilar objects in neutral colours such as gray, white, gold, silver, and brown can blend quite happily with blue and white ceramics. These jars were born to stand out in the crowd.


TIP #2: Create a stunning dining centrepiece with a ginger jar

Break the ice with a conversation starter. An alluring blue and white ceramic jar among neutrally coloured place settings just cannot be ignored. Be sure to get curious questions and approving comments from guests.

In this case, be prepared with a little story about your special piece. More so, if you style your ginger jar with some lovely hydrangeas, coral pieces, seashells, and other décor items with silver tones, you may find your guests unable to help but get drawn to your fabulous centrepiece from time to time.


Tip #3. Highlight a dark countertop

Nothing brings oomph! to a beautiful, dark countertop like a refreshing dose of colour. Blue and white is as refreshing as it can get; so grace your coffee table, kitchen counter or dining top with some eye candy. A classic, ceramic ginger jar is the perfect cosmetic for it.

As your collection of ginger jars grow, you will be able to find more interesting ways to display these while adding more interest to your interiors. Instead of decorating a blank wall with a large picture frame, for instance, you may show off your blue and white jars shelved at varying heights. Open kitchen shelves or glass cupboards can get a fabulous face lift with a grouping of your collection.

It is always a good idea to collect jars in one colour scheme. Blue and white will always remain a good choice.

Ceramic ginger jars also make marvellous wedding or anniversary gifts. Or a great gift for you for...just because.

Get started on your collection and shop all ceramic vases and jars.

Once you’ve arranged your own blue and white ceramics, be sure to share your displays with #HamptonsHomeAU.

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