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Giving Back

At Hamptons Home, we’re passionate about what we’re doing ie helping people have homes they’re happy to live in. But we’re also keen to have a philanthropic side to our business.

We don’t just simply want to write a cheque to charity at the end of the year though. No, we want to do more than that. Instead we’d like to help spread awareness of animal cruelty and hope you’ll join us in that.

Growing up in a family with lots of animals from hamsters to birds to fish, it was clear to see the unconditional love that animals provide – thanks to Junie's father who was forever fostering animals he found abandoned in our community. He will even bring sick animal home so he could nurse them back to health.

It shouldn’t surprise you too much then to learn that our chosen charity is RSPCA Australia and we are a proud RSPCA Guardian Angel.

About RSPCA Australia

A total of eight independent State and Territory RSPCA bodies, as well as the research HQ, go to make up the RSPCA Australia. The charity campaigns for the better welfare of all animals in Australia – particularly those of farm animals – and lobbies the Australian government for better conditions. Ultimately the charity attempts to prevent cruelty to all animals by promoting their care and protection.



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