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Hamptons Coastal Style Doorstop Anchor 17 x 8 x 27 H cm

Hamptons Coastal Style Doorstop Anchor 17 x 8 x 27 H cm
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This door stop will ensure that your door is kept ajar just the way you wanted it - after all if you are concerned that the children's room is a little more accessible or if you worry about your toddler or little pup getting hurt due to a slamming door - this door stop could come to your rescue. Especially for those who live in places where the wind does play up and make doors slam shut rather violently, there is always the need for sturdy and well - endowed door stop that will create the all - important wedge. This piece has been filled with sand and will be easy to move around with the help of the rope handle that is fitted on top. The seams of the bag like doorstop are pretty strong and you can be sure to use it amply around the house. The graphic of the anchor of course creates a vivid and marine theme splash which looks smart yet traditional at the same time. About 27 cm in height, the length of the doorstop is 17 cm and width of 8 cm.

Measures 17 x 8 x 27 H cm

Material : Cotton Polyester



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