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Shell Bag White Escargot

Shell Bag White Escargot
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The pearly white escargot shells can be such a pleasure to use in so many different ways - line up the tray that you could be using for serving sea food, or use them to make shell jewellery, or simply use them as part of the décor when you wish to make a display using a variety of shells. After all, getting a marine theme going in the right direction would of course need help from shells. These shells have been cleaned and given a treatment to make them squeaky clean yet wear their own individual look. After all, like fingerprints each sell too has its own unique structure. The tiny roundish pearly shells are a lovely means to embellish several things and help in your crafts project. Add them to your décor or use them to create your own décor articles - whichever way, this bag with almost half a kilogram of shells will come in rea handy for your project.

Weighs 540g

Material: Shells

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