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Vase Pesce Small 14 cm H

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This 14 cm tall vases look stunning for several reasons. The creamy white texture of the ceramic has been fired to perfection to give it a high gloss finish. The body that host the scales of the fish also wear a slight discoloration at the edges - a well thought of detail that showcases a touch of antiquity.

The gorgeous shape further gets enhanced due to the size that is most appropriate for side tables, consoles and the likes. While placing flowers in it would make its utility be justified, its pretty shape and the fish detailing makes it a décor article without all the hype.

The vase could be perfect for spaces that wish to build in a marine theme. While the vase is 10 cm in width, the other depth is 9 cm, giving it a slightly flattish shape. Th mouth open up and the tail of the fish is the base.

Well balanced, it has what it takes to make a profound statement in the most contemporary of styles.

Measures 10x9x14H cm 

Material: Ceramic

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