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5 Easy Upgrades for A Hamptons Style Home

The Hamptons style is a refined and elegant coastal aesthetic that originated on Long Island, New York. 

With its light and breezy open-plan design, the Hamptons style is well-suited to Australia's climate and sandy beaches. Even the style's white, grey, cream, and blue staple colours complement Australia's sandy beaches.

The Hamptons classic, refined look is ideal for those who value timeless design, coastal inspiration, and understated luxury.

If this aesthetic inspires you, consider these easy upgrades to bring the coastal look into your home in a snap. 

A Fresh, Light Colour Palette 

Neutral hues such as white, sand, grey, and ivory are key foundational colours to achieve the Hamptons style. 

You can use pillows, large vases, decorative lamps, and throws to add coastal-inspired blues and greens like duck egg, teal, sage, cobalt, and navy blue to the classic, neutral background.

Yellows such as lemon, mustard, or gold make vibrant accents. However, red and orange are hues not commonly incorporated in a Hamptons setting.

To illustrate how you can create a light and airy living space with a soft Hamptons colour palette, pair white walls with a grey carpet. Accent cream-coloured sofas and natural wicker furniture with blue and white throw pillows.

Timeless Furniture Made of Natural Materials

Coastal-inspired furniture should be timeless, sophisticated, and elegant with natural wood tones and textures. 

Complement antique furniture and pieces made of natural cane and wood with slip-covered chairs and sofas. 

Slipcovers made of breathable linen or cozy cotton give the impression of soft warmth and a well-loved look without giving up style and elegance. 

When styling with furniture, encourage conversation and socialization with its arrangement. 

Rugs are also an easy way to update your room.


Cushions and Throws: Combining Textures, Sizes, and Patterns 

Soft furnishings like cushions and throws are the best way to bring colour and texture to a Hamptons-style home. They offer visual interest and ideally complement the hues and textures of furniture. 


Pile soft cushions of different sizes and fabrics on deep sofas and rattan chairs. Linen or cotton are ideal since they give a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Wool, silk, and velvet are luxurious materials that enhance the appearance of plush opulence. 

Different sizes and textures create more interest and balance out the dimensions of your furniture.

Cushions featuring stripes, geometrics, florals, and block designs offer a splash of colour and pattern without overpowering the laid-back atmosphere. Use blues, creams, whites, fresh or soft greens, and mellow yellows to reflect the coastal flavour. 

Also, drape a soft throw in a complementary colour over a sofa, armchair, or bed to add depth to the palette while layering on a quiet, cozy feel.

Accessories with Old World, Coastal, or Garden Vibe

The Hamptons aesthetic embraces glazed ceramics, glass vases, and antique mirror frames. 

Natural, coastal inspirations such as shells, large clams, and driftwood bring the outside in. 

The Hamptons style is also known for the traditional blue and white ginger jars, vases, and lamps with floral or chinoiserie motifs. Wall art often depicts corals, ferns, flowers, and other types of plants and flowers.

In conclusion, the Hamptons aesthetic is perfect for those who prefer coastal influences and value discreet opulence. It is a classic and sophisticated style, yet warm and inviting.

With the Hamptons look, details do matter. Consider fresh, light colour schemes, simple classic furniture, and timeless soft furnishings and accessories that evoke both luxury and a relaxed mood.

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