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We are excited to see our range of Hamptons style neutral cushions are in our recent collaboration with Kayla from @Highland.Hamptons

TORBAY Linen and White Crosses Cushion Cover 30 cm by 50 cm

 Kayla is an organizational expert based in Sydney who has a passion for neutral colors and understated elegance. She loves to create beautifully organized spaces with a touch of sophistication, and she relies on our range of neutral cushions to achieve that look.

Her attention to detail and love of orderliness shines through in every space she decorates, and she inspires her 15K followers with her minimalistic yet chic style.

In her Sydney home, Kayla expertly pairs our range of neutral cushions to create a serene and sophisticated ambiance that is both inviting and effortlessly stylish.

"If your like me and love your neutrals The Torbay Linen Cushion is the perfect statement piece.
The linen fabric is very luxe, accompanied by the white cross detailing which is the perfect addition.
It creates another element to the cushion without it being to over the top. Simple but absolutely beautiful."
TORBAY Linen and White Crosses Cushion Cover


In this look, Kayla uses our Torbay, Vista and Uki linen cushions.

Experience the versatility of our Hampton style cushions, as they seamlessly fit into any setting - from formal interiors to casual summer spaces.

Our classic cushion styles are the perfect complement to any Hamptons style home decor, adding an extra layer of comfort and style to your living space.

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