Imbuing the Hamptons Mood Through Coastal-Inspired Artwork

Imbuing the Hamptons Mood Through Coastal-Inspired Artwork

If only these walls could speak...but they can...if you give them a voice.

Walls are often overlooked surfaces which need just as much character as your countertops, floors and tabletops. Blank walls in small doses work to a certain extent; but most of the time, walls need texture, colour, or pattern to imbibe some character and visual attention. They are also good platforms from which to spring your coastal-ambient palette.

One of the easiest ways to dress your home in the coastal fashion is to upgrade your walls with mood-influencing, coastal-inspired wall art. Imbued with power to make a statement, a good work of art can cement a look.

Premium giclée prints of paintings from talented Australian artists make strong but gorgeous coastal statements. Incorporate artwork, picking some of these Hamptons-inspired elements, to create a strong beachside influence:

  • Seascapes, beachscapes and coastal scenes
  • Tropical motifs such as palms, flora and fruit
  • Nautical motifs such as compasses, boats, world maps, stylised anchors, rope and the like
  • Marine elements such as shells, corals and marine life

Artwork with a palette of blue, white, sand, green and other natural hues are elemental to setting a type of coastal ambience as well. Soft hues inspire a soothing, restful feel; vibrant tones evoke a fresher, cheerier atmosphere.

To make the coastal impact you desire, it is not enough though to simply pick up artwork that feature the above-advised coastal elements or colours. You need to think about their orientation respective to the overall shape and size of your walls, as well. Tall, narrow walls serve as a great backdrop for portrait- or vertical-oriented frames; while horizontal walls showcase landscape-oriented artwork to great advantage.

As a general rule, artwork should take up two-thirds or three-fourths of wall space for it to have worthy decorative influence. So whether you opt for one huge framed piece, such as a stunning world map for instance, to embellish the space or display a series of artwork, the overall wall space dimensions should have heavy influence on the size and number of artwork you choose to display.

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