Hamptons Style Planter Box: A Classic Gardening Essential

Hamptons Style Planter Box: A Classic Gardening Essential

Symmetry, neatness and a sense of control are part of the styling aesthetics of the Hamptons genre. Although casual in vibe, the Hamptons air of luxury demands one without a leaf out of place, even in exterior settings. 

No Hamptons home though is complete without the freshness that greenery brings, be these genuine or tastefully faux.

As such, the planter box continues to be an essential accessory, functioning as an organiser to keep lush, potted flora and foliage neatly arranged. This key accessory proffers much influence on the overall trimmed, tidy ambience that is markedly Hamptons.

As such, consider layering on the Hamptons elements of order, neatness and organization with the tidy functionality of planter boxes. Spruce up those dreary corners with greenery or make an affluent impression of your entrances with a good arrangement of controlled foliage.

Florals and small trees look stunningly vibrant in these planters.  Flank your front door with a pair of planter boxes to freshen up the welcoming tone of your entrance. Or arrange a couple along the walkway to your doorway for some curb appeal. Decorate corners or posts in your patio or living area with a handsome display of boxed bushes or tall topiaries. As finishing touches, planter boxes will round out the look, inside and outside, of a coastal-designed home.

Although country-style in flavour for its traditional tongue and groove slat pattern in “picket fence” white, the planter box does not detract from a contemporary-inspired Hamptons aesthetic. 

Its clean lines and modern PVC construction allows it to sit very much at home in today’s porches, curbsides, backyards, decks or even indoor living areas.

In contrast to the timber boxes of old, current-day PVC planters are largely weather resistant and require less care. Modern materials enable us to easily keep them in tip-top decorative shape for many years.

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